Join us this Sunday at the Holistic Festival of Life and Wellness Event!

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Summer time is here and is time to get out and explore!   Come join us to learn how you can increase you energy, enhance your libido, and get the strength you need to have an active and successful summer.   We will exclusively be demonstrating our breakfast system at the event, and will show you

Crucial FOUR to Attend the Addison Wellness Expo in April!

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Crucial FOUR will be attending the Addison Wellness Expo coming up on the second weekend in April.  Founder Charles Barber along with Dr. Michael Romine and other team members will be at the event showcasing a variety of Crucial FOUR products.  The team will have a premiere exhibitor booth located right at the front hallway


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Over 150 million Americans suffer from low energy and high stress. Chances are you're one of them. However, in 3 hours I can teach you how to use cutting edge nutritional products and low-impact exercise techniques that will immediately increase your energy levels, reduce your reaction to stress, and get you feeling better than you've