CBD and the Other Cannabinoids: A Tale of Medical Potential

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Humans have been using the cannabis plant for a long time. Rope made from the plant has been found that dates back to 26,900 BC. It is believed to be one of our oldest cultivated crops. The first mention of cannabis for medicinal use, dating back to 2900 BC, comes out of China with the Emperor

Matcha Green Tea Health Benefits

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To Learn More & Order - Click Here Matcha Green Tea has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 5000 years. The legendary health benefits of matcha have been evaluated by modern science and thoroughly documented in many evidence – based scientific studies. Matcha Green Tea provides nourishing anti-oxidant protection at its best!

Matcha: The Perfect Caffeinated Beverage to Fortify your Body and Mind

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       Green tea is widely touted as a healthy beverage and for good reason. It is lower in caffeine than its darker counterpart and a decent substitute for coffee when you are looking for a warm caffeinated beverage on a cool day. There is one variety of green tea in particular that all other

Eat Like an Emperor, The Many Benefits of Black Rice

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Black Rice has a long history starting in China. At one point in history black rice, called longevity rice at the time, was only allowed to be consumed by the Emperor and royal family. It has been noted that people where even put to death for stealing even a few handfuls. This is where it

How Did we Get so Fat? The Obesity Epidemic in America

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  In the modern age we have more access to resources than ever before. This easy access has been what has allowed us to advance as far as we have. Some resources, like food, we now have an over abundance of. As a matter of fact we have such an over abundance of

Gynostemma Tea Protective & Adaptogenic Health Benefits

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To Learn More & Order - Click Here Gynostemma Tea nourishes and protects your body on every level! It’s known for promoting longevity, lowering cholesterol, aiding in weight control, and having powerful antioxidant properties. What up, guys? Charles Barber here. And imagine an herb that can help give you energy in the morning and

The Real Fountain of Youth, Stay Young with Gynostemma

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Back in the 1970's when China did a nationwide census there was a province, the Guizhou province, that had a large number of people living to 100 years of age and older. Daily life of the people didn't differ too much from other similar provinces. This got people wondering what they where doing that

Blue Butterfly Nootropic Effects & Health Benefits

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To Learn More & Order - Click Here Hi guys, Charles Barber here with Crucial FOUR. Today I'm excited to talk about a new product that we found. It's actually a flower, believe it or not. This stuff is amazing. I'm going to show you guys kind of how I use it

The Preventative Blue Flower, Learn how Blue butterfly Protects the Body Inside and Out!

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Blue isn't a color that comes up in nature too often. This is because blue pigment is somewhat hard to produce. Just about every food that does produce blue pigment, and not a faux blue, is associated with health benefits. Blue berries for example are touted as a health food, and for good reason. They