This Will Make You Take Another Look At The Idea That Eating Meat Harms The Environment

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What we eat affects the environment. For example, we've heard that eating meat has a large and mostly negative environmental impact. In contrast, adopting a vegan or vegetarian diet is advertised as one way to lower your environmental impact. However, a recent study published in Scientific Reports indicates things are a little more complicated than

The Missing Link to Bone Health! Are You Getting it?

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The importance of Vitamin K2 Bone Health As its warming up more people are getting outside in the sun and in turn causing their body to turn cholesterol into vitamin d. Most people have heard about vitamin d’s requirement for bone health, but Vitamin d isn’t the whole story. All Vitamin D does when it

FOUR Spring Cleaning Wellness Tips

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I Spring, You Spring, We all Spring UP!  Hello Spring! The season where we all should be springing up and forward to longer days outside with the sunshine out radiating us with its presence. We say spring up on this season because this is a time of the year that signifies new growth, rebirth, and