A Quick Guide To The Choices You Have When Deciding Which Nootropics Are Best For You

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So you've heard all the hype about nootropics and figure you'll give them a try. But how do you know which ones to start with? There are so many out there and on top of that, you can buy each one on its own or in compounds that someone tells you are specially formulated to

Why Natural “Smart Drugs” Work: Understanding The Science Behind Nootropics

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Nootropics are a hot topic right now. And no wonder! Who wouldn't want to boost their brain power? The claims about what they can do actually sound too good to be true – almost as if they're some kind of magic potion. But there's nothing magical about nootropics, even though they are pretty incredible. Especially

Regenerative Agriculture: Working To Protect The Environment And Our Future Food Supply

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We all want to eat healthy foods with fewer chemicals and more nutrition. To get that sort of healthy food, it needs to come from a healthy place (which is why Crucial Four is so careful about where we source our ingredients). One of the best things about growing healthy food in a healthy way

The Benefits of Sprouting Grains

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Are You Feeling Bloated or Constipated?   It may be because you are not eating sprouted grains. Historically, many of our grains were sprouted accidentally, a coincidence that modern techniques have largely eradicated.  Now, however, we're learning that we may be missing out by turning our back on sprouting. Phytic acid in grains, nuts, seeds and beans

Reishi Mushrooms Fight Cancer & Diabetes

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Evidence of the medicinal benefits of Reishi mushrooms continues to mount.  See the Natural News article featuring recents studies where Reishi is shown to decrease cell proliferation in cancerous lungs and lower triglyceride and blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. Reishi mushrooms are available from Crucial for individual sale or as an ingredient in our