Sourcing the World’s Purest Ingredients

Our Mission and Background

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FOUR Missing Food Groups | Crucial FOUR

Wild Heirloom Varietals

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At Crucial FOUR, we believe in the power of natural ingredients to support our body’s innate ability to maintain and restore health and balance. While some of our foods and herbs are domestic or internationally sourced certified organic products, those simply meet our minimum standard. Whenever possible, we source our herbs and supplements from their indigenous regions in wild heirloom varietals from which botanical research and experience have derived their properties and benefits. These wild heirloom varietals thrive in the habitats in which they evolved or were first cultivated by indigenous peoples and deliver the most potent combinations of nutrients we have found.

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FOUR Missing Food Groups | Crucial FOUR

Charles’ Journey

Insights and commentary from our founder Charles Barber

After growing up on a farm in Texas where natural local foods were our daily staples, my early adult life like many others collided with fast food and the shortcut behaviors of modern life. Frustration with my declining well-being and the lack of concrete answers from the dogma of my scientific studies led me to exhaustive independent research on nutrition. What began as a personal journey evolved to providing recommendations and sourcing for family and friends, the suspension of my degree plans and the launching of Crucial FOUR. Eight years and many satisfied community members later we continue to be amazed by the abundant variety of solutions available globally.

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FOUR Missing Food Groups | Crucial FOUR

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You can’t travel 12 hours by plane, two days by car and then climb a mountain in Ecuador to get the best heirloom cacao from eighty-foot trees in their natural environment. We can and do and that’s just one of the eighty wild heirloom ingredients we source globally and combine into our Meal Replacements & Shakes, Water Infusions, Oral Concentrates or Healthy Snacks. We have stable long-term relationships with reliable farmers, brokers and manufacturers across the globe to source the best wild heirloom varietal or certified organic products and deliver them in our products direct to your door.

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